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Welcome to TinyRocker.com, your trusted online pet store. We are the select provider of quality pet medication, pet toys, accessories, hard to find pet medication and veterinary supplies to our global customers. We strive to exceed all expectations and constantly surpass our customers requirements. Any product sold by TinyRocker.com is guaranteed 100% authentic, we only import through licensed distributors ensuring all our products are of the highest quality.

We can maintain the lowest prices on premium pet health care products by importing direct from the manufacturers in the USA and Europe, we then ship out directly to you our customer thus skipping the multiple logistics and warehousing steps that incrementally add cost to the products.

TinyRocker.com works hard to meet our customers needs and if for any reason you are unhappy with our service we are committed to rectifying the issue whether that through a replacement or full refund.

Finally, products sold from country to country can have varying packaging and may not be in English. We will always provide English language instructions with any product sold. If you ever find we don’t stock or sell a product, please contact us directly at support@tinyrocker.com and let us try to source the product for you.


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